jinbei making workshop | 甚平作りワークショップ

It’s been really fun to make jinbei with participants at workshops, so we decided to add some more dates before the warm jinbei weather arrives!!

This time, participants can choose from the 5 warashi-ko designs to make your own jinbei!
The size is for 0-2 year old. (If you are interested in making one for 2-3 year old, let us know. We may be able to accommodate as well!) Handmade wardrobe adds such special memories to the precious childhood. With adjustable strings, babies/kids can wear the same jinbei for 2-3 years, so your work will be definitely rewarded!

Material fee: $45
Included are 3 tenugui textile, thread and guidance until your jinbei is complete!

WED 3/23    13-15pm
WED 3/30    10-12pm
SAT 4/2    10-12pm

*We aim to reach the first mark of the jinbei-making process during the workshop, i.e. putting on the collar. We’ll follow up either by setting up another appointment or through video instructions until your jinbei is complete!

Warshi-ko studio (2 blocks from 15th street/Prospect Park F/G stop)

Sign-up by 3/6/2016

Please send an email to hello@warashi-ko.com for questions and reservation.

From left to right: #026 yagasuri kumo, #030 ume sakura, #023 kabuki ichimatsu, #034 okame kumo, #028 ume ume




今回のワークショップでは、 わらしっこ甚平の5つのデザインの中から一つを選んで、甚平作りに挑戦します。使用するのは、手染めの日本製手ぬぐい。甚平のサイズは、0歳から2歳児用です。(ご希望であれば、100cmサイズも作ることができます。)真心の籠った甚平を、子どもの宝物のような時間のお供に。紐で調整できるため、2〜3年は着られます。

材料費:$45 手ぬぐい3枚(注染)含む。


3/23(水)    13-15pm
3/30 (水)    10-12pm
4/2(土)    10-12pm


Warshi-ko studio (2 blocks from 15th street/Prospect Park F/G stop)